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Rafael dos Santos Silva 587e9ed9ba
FEATURE: Enable service worker for Apple devices (#19643)
8 hours ago
.devcontainer DEV: Replace postCreateCommand with postStartCommand (#16665) 9 months ago
.github DEV: Fix GitHub CI permissions issues (#20069) 9 hours ago
.vscode-sample DEV: Move vscode config files to `.vscode-sample` directory (#11943) 2 years ago
app FEATURE: Enable service worker for Apple devices (#19643) 8 hours ago
bin DEV: Minimal first pass of rails system test setup (#16311) 4 months ago
config FEATURE: hidden site setting to disable search prefix matching (#20058) 19 hours ago
db FIX: Truncate existing user status to 100 chars (#20044) 15 hours ago
docs DEV: Update PostgreSQL and Redis versions (#19869) 2 weeks ago
images Replace README logo with PNG (#14044) 1 year ago
lib FEATURE: hidden site setting to disable search prefix matching (#20058) 19 hours ago
plugins FIX: preserves avatar size inside onebox (#20066) 11 hours ago
public Update translations (#19340) 2 months ago
script DEV(cache_critical_dns): add additional service runtime variable 2 weeks ago
spec DEV: Update user-status test to assert message-bus channels (#20068) 10 hours ago
test DEV: Extensively use `includes()` (#17541) 7 months ago
vendor DEV: Update moment-timezone (#19052) 3 months ago
.editorconfig DEV: Update .editorconfig to match new hbs rules (#19816) 3 weeks ago
.eslintignore DEV: Upgrade "lefthook" and skip hooks during merge/rebase (#18910) 3 months ago
.eslintrc DEV: Await for all async MessageBus callbacks (#17966) 6 months ago
.git-blame-ignore-revs DEV: Add recent formatting commits to `.git-blame-ignore-revs` (#19799) 3 weeks ago
.gitignore DEV: add .ruby-version to .gitignore (#19661) 1 month ago
.jsdoc DEV: introduces documentation for chat (#19772) 2 weeks ago
.licensed.yml DEV: Label and ignore all default gems (#19617) 1 month ago
.licensee.json DEV: Add CI job that audits dependency licenses (#16568) 9 months ago
.npmrc DEV: Prevent npm usage (#13945) 2 years ago
.prettierignore DEV: Configure prettier for hbs templates 1 month ago
.prettierrc DEV: upgrades dev config (#10588) 2 years ago
.rspec Add RSpec 4 compatibility (#17652) 6 months ago
.rubocop.yml DEV: Introduce syntax_tree code formatter (#19775) 3 weeks ago
.ruby-version.sample DEV: Update minimum and recommended ruby versions (#19615) 1 month ago
.streerc DEV: Apply syntax_tree formatting to `app/*` 3 weeks ago
.template-lintrc.js DEV: Configure prettier for hbs templates 1 month ago
Brewfile DEV: enable frozen string literal on all files 4 years ago DEV: Absorb onebox gem into core (#12979) 2 years ago
Gemfile SECURITY: Bump Rails to v7.0.4.1 (#19956) 1 week ago
Gemfile.lock Build(deps): Bump excon from 0.97.2 to 0.98.0 (#20053) 1 day ago
LICENSE.txt DEV: Absorb onebox gem into core (#12979) 2 years ago Drop support for iOS < 15.7 (#19847) 2 weeks ago
Rakefile FIX: Do not dump schema during production database migrations (#12785) 2 years ago DEV: enable frozen string literal on all files 4 years ago
jsconfig.base.json DEV: Add more excludes to jsconfig (#17975) 6 months ago
lefthook.yml DEV: Add syntax_tree check to lefthook (#19877) 2 weeks ago
package.json DEV: introduces documentation for chat (#19772) 2 weeks ago
translator.yml DEV: Add labels for plugin locale files (#19664) 1 month ago
yarn.lock DEV: introduces documentation for chat (#19772) 2 weeks ago

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